Frankston Teachers College Reunion

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For any further details contact Kevan Porter [], Tony Neville [] or Sandra Parker []

Our next Reunion will be on Saturday 10th November 2012 at Frankston Campus of Monash University.

Update September

Dear Colleague

It is almost two years since the 50th reunion of 1960 entry Frankston Teachers College students. At that reunion many participants wanted to have a get-together every 2 years.

The Planning Committee agreed to set a date in 2012 and make a booking at the Seahorse Tavern (at the old campus) for the afternoon. The idea was that people could make their own arrangements for any other activities.

We are not sure if the enthusiasm expressed two years ago still remains, but if so, the attached newsletter gives details of the afternoon’s activities, accommodation and a dinner venue for Saturday night.

We still have some of our year who we have been unable to contact. Please help us spread the word if you have contact details.

Hope to see you on Saturday 10 November.

Let us know which activities you are coming to so that we can do the bookings.
RSVP no later than 30 September 2012
Kevan Porter (for the Planning Committee)


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