Frankston Teachers College Reunion

Welcome to Our Frankston Teachers College Reunion site.

For any further details contact Kevan Porter [], Tony Neville [] or Sandra Parker []

Our next Reunion will be on Saturday 10th November 2012 at Frankston Campus of Monash University.


Time flies. It doesn’t seem long since we got together for a highly successful 50th reunion in November 2010. At the time, we agreed that we would meet again every two years and that our next function would be at the same venue:

Saturday November 10th 2012
12.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Seahorse Tavern, Monash Peninsula Campus, Frankston.

Gary Hopcraft has made the booking at the Seahorse Tavern. If smaller groups want to meet the night before or for dinner on the Saturday, then that will be up to the groups to arrange it. Similarly for accommodation. We can give details of suitable dinner venues and motels closer to the event.

For the afternoon session of the 50th reunion in 2010 we had 80 ex-students out of a possible 125. (The original intake was 138, of which 125 are still living.) We are hoping that some who could not make it in 2010 will be able to come this year.

We were unable to locate the following and perhaps you can help get the word to them before November.

Michael Dunne, John Good, Robina Cavendish, Christine Eley, Beverley Gyles, Judy McKee, Barbara McKinnon, Shirley Moore, Lorraine Power.

Our Planning Committee is smaller this year as there is not so much to do. Get in touch with any of the following if you have an address for any of the Missing People:

• Sandra Parker (Bradford)
• Tony Neville
• Gary Hopcraft
• Howard (Harry) Wills
• Kevan Porter

Sandra Parker has set up a website for our reunions so that you can keep up with the latest information. This will become our main means of communicating with you to cut down on the committee’s workload. The website contains copies of all our newsletters and an assortment of photos from the 2010 reunion.

You can find the website at:

We have not included photos in this newsletter because it is too difficult to send large files to some email-boxes.

If you do not have a computer and email address yet, we ask that you use a relative’s or friend’s. This way it is much easier for us to communicate with you. (Note that we will be sending out very few emails, so if you are using someone else’s email address, it should not be an imposition on them.) If you have a new email address since last time, could you please email the new address to Sandra, Tony or Kevan.

Could you please check with your FTC friends to ensure that they have the 2012 reunion in their diaries. It is just possible that they may not receive this newsletter because of communication gremlins. Let them know about the website if they have not heard.

We have just over $300 left in kitty from 2010 to help offset any expenses. This should be ample.

Looking forward to seeing you on 10th November.

Sandra, Tony, Gary, Howard and Kevan.


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